The three paragraphs you’re reading now draw out the closest notion of us, The Drawing Squad. We love calling ourselves the militant who will try hard to work out on One Workable Solution for each of the Brief given. For we believe, that of all the problems our client is having (in that Brief), there must be One most crucial one; that if we aim with the right, One angle, the shot will put an end to the rest of the problems.

We are the squad who never surrender and always embrace the sole purpose of our fight: Fight for the fighting brands out there. There has never been a day that goes by without trying to construct the right, fresh campaign for our client.

TDS breaks through the lines of media channels and integrate them altogether. We learn to improve our strength by improvising our methods in conjunction with our client’s request. For those who have been a part of our team, thank you!

Aryo Hastuprabowo
President Director
Teamwork is why we have achieved more than expected.
Hard work is how we integrate things as original as possible.
And smart work is when we prefer doing the must-have to nice-to-have.
Bobon Kurniawan
Business Director
Creative problem solving has been my drive to work in this exciting industry for more than 20 years.
I started with cracking design, art direction, and copy solution,
prior to broadening my canvas into strategic and business.
So, whenever your brand is in the need for a fresher solution, please do call me. 
We'll have a chat over coffee - my treat!
Papa Tigor
Executive Creative Director

16 years of experience in the exact same field of creative dexterity.

Have successfully handled Sampoerna A Mild, Mylanta, Combantrin, Visine, 

Unilever PureIt, Super Pell, Royco, Rinso, Axis GSM card, FLAZZ BCA,

Extra Joss, Juss Ginseng, Pedigree, Whiskas, Pennzoil, Suzuki Satria,

Mitsubishi Mirage, Mitsubishi Delica, Mitsubishi Triton, etc.]